Last Chance to Vote for Change

I am excited for tomorrow – it is the day YOU get to VOTE for the representation you want to see on the Lake County Board.

“The people when rightly and fully trusted will return the trust.” – Abraham Lincoln

We find ourselves on the eve of an important election. You, the taxpayer, have the honor of selecting your representation to the Lake County Board. For too long, the County Board has been out of touch with the residents in our community.

After knocking on well over 1,200 doors, attending countless meetings, and reviewing your surveys, greater than 90% of you have stated that the biggest issue of concern is how high our property taxes are and that you feel you have no tax payer advocate on the Lake County Board.

Our current member recently voted to increase the tax levy, voted for a pay raise for himself and the other County Board members, and did not adequately fund the veterans.

With a decrease in funding from the State, there will be hard decisions that will have to be made in future County budgets. I believe it has been proven that we need someone representing us that has the financial experience, the willingness to advocate for you, the taxpayer, and is in touch with our community. I believe we need someone that will look out for everyone’s interests.


As a wife, mother, Fremont Township Trustee, and a longtime resident of Lake County, I share in your love and commitment to our community.

The Results Are In — The Same Representation Gets You The Same Results —
Higher Property Taxes!

Now is the time to make the change. We need someone that will ask the tough questions and fight for the taxpayers. We need a CPA with public service experience.

I am that leader and I humbly ask for your vote.